Originally Written On a Friday

I heard this joke this morning on The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show.

Phil, speaking in reference to his good looks:
“Just look at this firm chin.”

“Looks like that firm has some partners.”

I might have laughed too hard at that one.


Do you find yourself totally gravitating towards a certain fashion style? Like, stripes forever and ever. And you buy the pieces and confidently wear them for a few years. But then one day you wake up and nothing works. Nothing is flattering. (I accidentally typed fatterring. Interesting typo for this topic….) Nothing makes you feel confident and everything just doesn’t work anymore. Has that ever happened to you? That’s where I am right now. What causes that? It worked yesterday. Why isn’t it working today?


I feel like I’m at a crucial point in my life where I have to commit one way or the other. WILL I BE A MEAL PLANNER OR WILL I FINALLY WAVE THE WHITE FLAG OF DEFEAT? Right now, I just buy the things I know I can cook and I wing each meal. And it works for us. But everything on every blog and every website says I must meal plan to be efficient and save money and earn a housewife badge of honor.

The few times I actually shopped from a grocery list made from a meal plan, I spent a ton more money than usual and we ended up not eating half of the items. Yet I still struggle with the idea so much. Where are my other non-meal planning women? You do exist, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one and that I don’t have to change my ways.



Guess what. My body doesn’t like to absorb vitamin D. So I have to take an insane amount of it in a pill form or I look like Nora in the above picture all day long. The doctor feels like we’ve solved the issue. I’m deficient so I take it regularly. But here’s what I want to know: WHY did my body stop absorbing vitamin D from the normal/natural ways of intake? I feel like that’s the real problem and no one seems interested in solving that one.  Feel free to diagnose the real problem.




So who wants to be my meal planning fairy? I’m accepting applications now.




One thought on “Originally Written On a Friday

  1. I am so glad to be reading your writing again. You know I have been following you [read as stalking you…] for years! 🙂

    I am exactly the opposite. I can hardly function without a list and a plan. Without a list, I feel like I am wandering around in a fog. Things go in my basket that I never even wanted in the first place, and I spend well over my budget when I don’t stick to my list. I am like this with almost everything, too. In order to get my house in order, I have to have a list. In order to do anything, a list must first be penned. It’s so funny how different people are.

    I’m sorry about your vitamin D deficiency and I have no pearls of wisdom for you, except to say: “Get out in the sun!” But, I know that doesn’t solve the fact that your body is not absorbing…

    Looking forward to following your new blog site…


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